Jana Růžková
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On plagiarism of Jana Růžková

Hi, my name is Jana Růžková. I'm beautiful, aren't I? You can check more of my photos e. g. here: http://despe.rajce.idnes.cz/Jana_R/.

I come from Hradce Králové, Czech Republic, where I studied local university - University of Hradec Králové. I also studied The Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies of Mendel University in Brno, where I graduated as Master of Science in summer of 2015 (http://is.mendelu.cz/lide/clovek.pl?id=29669).

I'm M.Sc. Jana Růžková, a girl that exploited her beauty to make one fool in love with me to write half of my diploma thesis as I was enjoying a long stay in the United States, where I started dating someone else subsequently. Thus, thanks to plagiarism I'm now proud Master of Science. You can read "my" thesis here: Immigration of Russian speakers to the Czech Republic and their integration.

In the United States, I spent most of the time in Minnesota (Winnona, Minneapolis) and Wisconsin.

Do you know me? Do you have similar experience with me? Don't hesitate and share your experience with others on your favorite social network and also here: info@janaruzkova.cz.